Susan Mulcock – Textile

Susan Mulcock – Textile Artist

Having studied for a degree in Art and Design Textiles in Bradford, I developed a fascination for creating with wool in many forms. I learned to spin, dye and knit. When I discovered felt making I became immediately hooked.

The inspiration for my work is a love of the natural world, its physical, eroded and organic form, and the light effects that can alter our perception and impressions of individual landscapes.

Although I have drawn and painted landscaped for may years, on discovering felt-ming I found an ideal medium to show the depth, colour and texture of my subjects. I enjoy the process of laying out individual coloured tufts of wool in a similar way to painting with separate brushstroke. I use a wet-felting technique with mainly hand-dyed merino wool into which I lay a variety of natural fibres and fabrics, which combined with the wool, produce a variety of rich colours and textures.

Having been felted, the piece acquires a different nature, the inlaid materials combining with the wool to produce sometimes unexpected textures and effects, adding shine or relief to the matt wool. I then machine and hand embroider to develop the features that have emerged during the felting process.


Susan will be here on Sunday 18th November, 11.00 – 4.00pm

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