Matt & Amanda Caines – Sculpture/Textiles/Mixed Media/Jewellery

Matt & Amanda Caines – Sculpture/Textiles/Mixed Media/Jewellery

Matt & Amanda are artists who have worked in parallel with their separate practices for 28 years. 

Amanda is a mixed-media artist. For her work she draws upon her large collection of materials she has gathered over many years, these range from, glass, wood, metal and ceramics. 

She produces paintings, stitch work hangings, sculptures and jewellery. Amanda has shown her work both nationally and internationally 

Matt is a sculptor working in a variety of stones as well as wood, nut and pieces of naturally shed antler. He has worked on marble projects in Carrara in Italy and on found whale bone carvings with Inuit sculptors in Arctic Canada. 

For the past four years they have been collaborating and immersing themselves in working together, where one idea can be the starting point for a number of responses in several of the mediums with which they work. 

Stitch work wall hangings become the starting point for pen & ink drawings which in turn lead to stone carvings that give rise to necklaces. 

Work is started without a preconception of where it will lead and can change many times as it is passed and filtered through both artists’ viewpoints.  

The differing specialisms they jointly possess lead to a strong set of contrasts that shows in the work as a whole vision. 

Amanda will be here with her work and that of Matt’s on

Friday 16th, 4.00 – 8.00pm and also on

Saturday 17th, 11.00 – 4.00pm.

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