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Interested in taking part?

Word of mouth has meant that the number of applications received to take part in one of the Blue Magpie events has grown year-on-year. For this reason (and the fact that I have a brain like a goldfish and simply cannot remember to e-mail everyone I mean to), I have introduced an application form. That way, I get all the info I need up front, and it’s much easier to curate a balanced market in terms of the individual disciplines represented.

However, where possible, I am also mindful that there will be new faces who wish to appear, and familiar ones who wish to return, so in all things, there has to be balance.

For this reason, for the November 2018 Fair, I asked for an objective external moderator to sit on a selection panel with me, and I plan to expand this next year to ensure that the decision is not all mine.

So, if you are a maker and would like to apply to take part in future events, a new application form for the March 2019 market will be going live at the beginning of December. Please do check back in to download the link to the JotFromPro Application Form either here, or the form will also be posted on both the Blue Magpie Facebook page and from Elmslie House.

Many thanks for your interest.

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